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Every Ride Matters

Empowering People

Mobility is important to 21st century living. Getting around easily and affordably is a great privilege we take seriously.

Simplifying Lives

Vibe Ride is there to make your life easier. Just summon a ride and get where you need to go.

Impacting Economies

The Vibe Direct opportunity allows everyone involved in Vibe Ride to benefit financially. Find out more.

Rider Support

We want everyone using Vibe Ride to feel safe, taken care of, and confident in our service. Getting you from A to B is what we do, but that process is built with safety in mind first. We understand you consciously choose who you ride with carefully and we take great pride in being awarded that privilege.

Rider SOS

We have an in-app SOS button that allows for short direct text messages to be sent to our dispatch team.  Vibe Ride also has a tracking feature that can be programmed to a specific contact allowing them to track you from start to finish on your ride. Many people want to have contact when you leave and arrive. This simplifies that by adding a layer of security and peace of mind.

Rider Safety

The safety of our riders is thought of with a high level of concern. We conduct thorough background checks to ensure you have the best drivers.